"...one of the most magical apps this reviewer has ever come across."

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Ladybug Number Count

Apps4Kids says:

“A top-notch counting app for kids with a great combination of photograph and animation. Clear narration and lovely music background, reminded me of the best Sesame Street educational programmes. All this for less than a buck (by the time of this review). Just go ahead and get it.”

Jellybean Tunes App Report says:

“Ladybug Number Count stands out with it's incredible images - real, beautifully photographed objects and charming scenes. Kids love following the crawling bugs with their fingers!”

Rated 5 STARS

by Smart Kids Apps!!!!!

About Ladybug Number Count

Ladybug Number Count helps pre-schoolers learn to count by focussing on numeral recognition and number sequencing. In each beautifully photographed scene, a random number of ladybugs are crawling about. Touching a ladybug 'counts' it, displaying its number overhead. Whole, spoken sentences are used to reinforce the counting concept. There is a second, more challenging mode of play available as the child advances. There are also three languages to choose from - English, French and Spanish. It's a great way to introduce kids to the concept of other languages.

Future Plans

Educators from around the world have contacted us saying that they have had great success using Ladybug Number Count with kids who take longer to learn to count, such as special-needs and autistic children. We are so happy to hear this that we have begun research into developing for special needs kids. Busy Brain Media will also be releasing a bigger counting app that will help all children learn basic math.