Privacy Policy

As parents we are irritated to see in-app purchases, advertisements, social media links and other information collecting elements in apps developed for children. That’s why our privacy policy is as follows:

Busy Brain Media collects no information at all, either through our apps (incl. Ladybug Number Count) or through our website.

Ladybug number count is ad-free (except for mention of other Busy Brain apps) and link free. There are no text entry windows or information collecting elements of any kind. That’s because we want kids to focus on playing and learning, and for their parents to have piece of mind.

You’ll notice that we haven’t even asked you to sign up for a mailing list or register for anything. Any contact you have with us through email will be on your own terms - and we won’t start spamming your address - we’ll just respond to your communication.

If you want to hear about what we’re working on and get updates, follow us on the various social media (links below.)

Love, Busy Brain Media