Skeleton Dance

We've got a BIG

update coming!

Skeleton Dance is already a fun way to introduce kids to the skeletal system, and it's about to get a big, free update!

Kids will see the skeleton within an animated, claymation body. There will be a lot more detail to explore and many more interesting facts to discover. The dances will be faster and more spectacular too!

"For parents who want to give kids an overview of the skeletal system in a fun way, this app is great."


4 1/2 STARS from Smart Kids Apps!

"The app has beautiful clay-animation, introduces children to anatomy, a puzzle game (placing the bones on the empty skeleton shape), and an activity where you can get more information about each bone."

4 STARS from Best Apps For Kids!

"It is easy to use and is set up well for young children to maneuver through."

About Skeleton Dance

The puzzle game in Skeleton Dance invites kids to assemble and reassemble a human skeleton. You'll be surprised how quickly your two-year-old is able to locate the femurs or pelvis in her own body! Proof-positive that play makes learning fun.  

Future Plans

Teaching young children about their bodies, nutrition, hygiene and fitness is one of Busy Brain Media's goals and Skeleton Dance is our first step. We plan to go a lot farther - there's a lot going on in our bodies!